The DPRK stated that nuclear war could begin at any time

US surveillance planes are also on the scene

GETTY EYE IN THE SKY The surveillance plane is monitoring the North

The lawmaker added that North Korea has to defend itself and develop its nuclear program because the country's existence is at stake due to hostile actions taken by the United States.

He said: "Threat from North Korea has heightened to levels never seen before".

- North Korea claims that U.S. Mainland is within their reach.

North Korea's deputy United Nations ambassador Kim In Ryong claimed no country other than north Korea had been the victim of "such an extreme and direct nuclear threat from the US".

Speaking at the UN, North Korea's Deputy Ambassador Kim In Ryong said that his country would not consider dismantling its nuclear weapons till the time United States reverses its "hostile" policy.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan was in Tokyo earlier in the day to meet with his Japanese counterpart and that country's national security adviser.

Kim issued a strong warning stating that the entire U.S. mainland is in their firing territory, and in case of any wrong deed by Trump, the United States will not be able to escape from severe punishment.

The new sanctions are the latest in a series of worldwide efforts to further tighten the screws on North Korea to try to pressure Pyongyang into abandoning its nuclear and missile programs.

In addition, North Korea announced the possibility of a nuclear test soon in the Pacific, and US President Donald Trump threatened to completely destroy the country.

Tension between the USA and North Korea have escalated in recent months with Kim ramping up the country's nuclear armament, touting its intercontinental ballistic missiles could strike the U.S.

The European Union has banned sales of crude oil refined petroleum products to North Korea as it further tightened sanctions on the communist country over its nuclear and missile programs.

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