Google Photos will now recognize Luna, Fuzzy and your other pets

Google Photos now groups your cat and dog photos automatically

Google Photos can now tell your pet apart from other animals

Now, some developers claim to have found a way to do away with that requirement and reports suggest that they found a way to obtain abundant Google Photos storage on any device that runs either Android Nougat or a higher version of Android. In its latest update, Google Photos has extended this facility to your furry friends as well. Users will be able to see pictures of animals grouped alongside people, and your pet can be labeled and searched for by name.

Yes, Google Photos can now recognise your pets. Now, Google is extending this ability to your pet. They can either type the search or can simply post an emoji of a dog or a cat to initiate a search process. With this update, you can easily make your own movie, just select your favourite photos, tap "+" and create a movie.

This new feature, which is available in most countries, does not show pets as a group among people. The app also provides the songs, which are especially inspired with the pets, to set for the movie book in the editor.

Following the changes, the standard face grouping feature that was previously reserved for fur-less humanoids now applies to individual pets too. So if you have two Labradors, then Photos may group them under one name only.

Google stated while describing more about the new update in Google Photos that, "This is just the start".

The technology giant lets Pixel smartphone users store unlimited full-resolution photos and videos. If you have a pet who you want to give a pride of place in the Google Photos album, try out the feature.

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