Facebook Acquires Positivity-focused Polling Startup tbh

CREDIT Courtesy of tbh

CREDIT Courtesy of tbh

As per the reports, Facebook has paid under $100 million for the startup app.

Anyone older than 13 can use the app, but TBH targets teens and their social networks, asking first-time users to select their high school grade and to identify their school or college. Over the past nine weeks the program has been downloaded over 5 million times, and the daily number of active users exceeded 2.5 million.

Facebook Inc. has proven again and again that it is willing to lay down some major cash to keep teens from migrating to competitors, from its $1 billion acquisition of Instagram to its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp.

The tbh team says, "When we met with Facebook, we realized that we shared numerous same core values about connecting people through positive interactions". TBH believes that it holds similar values to Facebook and is hopeful that the acquisition will help to bring its message to more people. The app lets you create surveys which you can send out to your friends anonymously without your original identity.

Facebook has been seeking new avenues to reach flighty teenage users, who want to communicate in different ways and who may view the flagship Facebook app as more of a stodgy utility than a place to have fun. To prevent bullying, issues resolved with a positive bias, for example: "Who better to call for a party" or "someone in the class the best smile?" The social networking giant, on the other hand, stated that both tbh and Facebook are guided by a common goal of building a community and empowering people to share in ways that bring them closer together.

The co-founders of this app will continuously working on the same app with the same name and there will be no changes to its original functionality and its user interface.

Although teenagers apparently love anonymously ranking people they know without any controversy, it's unclear if Midnight Labs, the app's parent company, could ever make money on the service. This agreement will add one more app which focuses on teenagers and this will definitely give tough competition to the Snapchat users in future.

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