Watch Kellyanne Conway's Kellywise Eat Up Attention on 'SNL'

SNL depicts Conway as 'IT' luring Anderson Cooper into the sewer

Kate McKinnon plays Kellyanne Conway as sewer-dwelling 'It' clown in dark but hilarious SNL sketch

Portraying Conway as a desperate clown going to great lengths to get onto TV is a exhausted conceit at this point - depicting Conway is desperate to spin public perceptions of the Trump administration is already a low bar to hit, and It has been out in theaters for weeks now. "I give you insane, crazy quote", Kellywise says. It all culminates with the anchor waking up from what he believes was a nightmare, only to find out Kellywise is in the chair next to him and ready to dance, in the proverbial and physical sense.

"What'd you do to your makeup?" he asks of the streak-faced Kellywise.

As Cooper and Kellywise engage in a back-and-forth, she cajoles him to continue talking to her: "Wait, don't go!"

What Kellywise wants more than anything is for "Cooper" to put her on TV.

The video also features a unique explanation from "Conway" about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson allegedly calling the president a moron, and even features McKinnon's Hillary Clinton. "They were sharing a sundae and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles and the secretary said he wanted more on", Conway says.

Another cast member Cecily Strong joined the duo with her reprisal as NBC host Rachel Maddow. He warns "Cooper" against talking to Kellywise. And yet - as in the skit - Cooper and Maddow are often just too tempted by the ratings draw to resist. "Every day, she drags somebody into that sewer, down there where the doodies are".

Meanwhile, poor CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper ("Hey Coopy!") never really stood a chance, especially once he has been shown his worst fears. a second term for Trump.

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