Persela Lamongan goalkeeper Choirul Huda dies after collision with teammate

WATCH Indonesian goal-keeper Choirul Huda dies after mid-game collision

WATCH Indonesian goal-keeper Choirul Huda dies after mid-game collision

Indonesian goalkeeper Choirul Huda died from injuries suffered during a collision in a match on Sunday.

Huda joins the unfortunate list of players who died while playing in the Indonesian league including Eri Irianto, Sekou Camara, Akli Fairuz, and Jumadi Abdi.

Medical staff rushed to his aid and quickly escorted him from the field on a stretcher and to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The collision occured when Huda came out to collect a ball in the first half.

Below is video of the collision, though do be warned of the graphic nature and the tragic outcome.

While Huda was rushed to hospital, the match continued, with Persela ultimately beating Semen Padang 2-0.

He said "initial analysis" suggested that "impact on the chest and lower jaw" led to the "possibility of chest trauma, head trauma and neck trauma".

Persela coach Aji Santoso confirmed after the game, though, that Huda had sadly lost his life.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Choirul Huda's family, friends, teammates, and loved ones. "We did not have time to a see a doctor, only to see his body", he added.

On Instagram, the club published a post that thanked fans "for the endless dedication and inspiration for Persela, Lamongan and Indonesian soccer".

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