Mobile eliminates free unlimited LTE perk for Canada and Mexico travelers

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Go from NY to Canada, or from California to Mexico; it's just like going from Idaho to Texas, from Georgia to Kentucky. The users can estimate how much they would be affected while traveling overseas. T-Mobile has been chief among those trying to quash their rivals, making some very competitive moves in order to secure subscribers. Unfortunately the company has announced it's bringing an end to one of its more attractive perks: the free unlimited LTE service for customers traveling in Canada and Mexico. The subscribers can approach unlimited LTE by adding One Plus global but it would cost you $25 monthly on the top of your base plan. However, it looks like the wireless carrier will be falling in line, as it is downgrading one of its benefits that it started almost two years ago called Mobile Without Borders. Now, wherever you call, wherever you travel in Mexico & Canada, your phone just works- like at home.

Two years on and the Uncarrier has made a decision to slap a monthly limit of 5GB on LTE data before throttling speeds. Why?

That was a pretty big deal back then, but now T-Mobile is looking to drawback its Mobile Without Borders perk by capping users data speeds after 5GB of data is used at 4G LTE speeds while in either Canada or Mexico.

T-Mobile has been known over the past few years to introduce new Un-carrier movements that provide benefits to the customer, differentiating itself from the competition. Either way, T-Mobile says that less than 1 percent of users who travel to either country use over 5GB in a month. You can also check your LTE data usage with a shortcode #WEB# from your mobile.

For more information on the upcoming change and a list of related FAQs, check out T-Mobile's dedicated webpage on the matter.

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