Amazon's Echo can now distinguish between voices

Your Amazon Alexa device can finally tell different voices apart

Amazon's Alexa can now recognize other peoples voices

This includes Echos built by Amazon and other products built by third parties that also run Alexa.

At launch, support for multiple voice detection will work with shopping, Amazon Music, Flash Briefings, and Alexa-to-Alexa calling. Back in April, Google Home gained the ability to recognize individual voices, which allows the device to personalize its response for everyone in your house or apartment. Watch as the display comes alive to show song lyrics, custom stations, curated playlists, and album art with Amazon Music.

KitGuru Says: This could make way for Alexa-powered devices to only respond to your voice, which in turn would make it much more hard for your friends or even South Park to prank you.

In addition, users who have set a voice confirmation code for shopping, now no longer have to say the code as Alexa already recognizes the voice linked to that account.

The feature should be rolling out in the coming days.

Amazon today is starting to roll out customized voice detection to its line of Amazon Echo and other Alexa-powered devices. To activate the new feature, users need to go to the "Your Voice" section under settings, and then follow the instructions.

Amazon claims that recognition of different voices will improve over time as the feature is used more and that additional functions supporting the new feature will be implemented at a later date.

Now you will be shown 10 phrases to read outloud, so that Alexa can learn your voice. The training data is is stored in the cloud so that Alexa devices purchased in the future can also recognize users.

The Echo Show, which was announced back in May, is now on sale on Amazon.

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