Today Marks the Start of Fire Prevention Week

Fargo Fire Chief Steve Dirksen

Fargo Fire Chief Steve Dirksen

The Pella Fire Department will be heading to Madison Elementary Wednesday and Lincoln Elementary Friday to show off their fire trucks and discuss the importance of an escape plan.

Through the fire safety house and some informational packets, Sills said he hopes that both children and parents can learn some of the best ways to respond if there is a fire.

"People don't think about having another way out", Kmiotek said.

"Developing and practicing a home escape plan is like building muscle memory", stated Fraser Kirby, assistant chief of the Banff Fire Department, on the town's website. "Re-entering a burning building is treacherous, and can deliver crippling, if not fatal consequences". In a fire, seconds count.

In 2016, fires occurred in more than 15,000 homes in IL.

Bevis said in less than two minutes, the house can be completely destroyed and an individual could not survive in that house.

"You'll either get a free smoke detector or free pizza", Mosby said. Conduct one at night and one during the day with everyone in your home, and practice using different exit paths. If a fire occurs, close the doors behind you as you leave and call 911 from outside.

One of the most common sources of fires are heaters, make sure you have those away from flammable items, like your curtains.

As part of the department's prevention efforts, there are several activities planned this week.

Firefighters and residents were finally able to bring the fire under control on October 10, when the city finally saw some rain. It runs October 8 through 14.

In support of Fire Prevention Week, Jeff Knopf encourages all Camrose households to develop a plan together and practice it.

During Fire Prevention Week, which runs from Sunday to Saturday, Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services (CKFES) and the Chatham Kent Public Health Unit (CKPHU) will be encouraging residents to take action to reduce the risk of house fires.

"You need to have at least two exits (from a room) in case one of the exits is blocked by fire", said Capt. Jill Staaf, Meadville Central Fire Department's fire prevention officer. Partners in the event include WPD, Safe Kids, WESTAR and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

"Every second counts, plan two ways out".

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