Should we continue to observe Columbus Day?

Columbus statue in Columbus Circle gets 24-hour NYPD detail

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America looks remarkably different than it did that first Columbus Day, he said, and so its collective memory - what matters to citizens - will look different, too.

Historical records show Columbus as less extraordinary, he said, a deluded navigator who stumbled upon the Americas and carried out colonization as usual - no more or less interested in slavery than others of his time. They spoke out before being escorted away.

The misconceptions about this day and who Columbus was are strong and widespread, Green said, but something as small as learning more about Native American history and recognizing the tragedy they faced can do so much to help. This, after several years of stopgap measures to institute a Indigenous Peoples Day in the past.

In 2014, a few cities such as Seattle and Minneapolis adopted resolutions replacing Columbus Day, and in the next few years resolutions across the country took flight in dozens of places.

After Berkeley first began celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day, the states of Minnesota, Vermont and Alaska have followed suit, while South Dakota celebrates Native American Day.

The Cincinnati City Council rejected a proclamation past year that would have recognized Indigenous People's Day over Columbus Day, after five of the council's nine members abstained from voting, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Assemblyan Charles Barron, D-Brooklyn, is set to detail on Monday legislation that would change state law to recognize the second Monday in October not as Columbus Day, but as "Indigenous People's Day".

At a time when far-left extremists are vandalizing statues of Christopher Columbus, and when even politicians such as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio have considered tearing down statues of the man who discovered America for Europe, President Donald Trump reminded Americans why we celebrate Columbus Day.

She proposed it for November during Native American Heritage Month. The city renamed Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in the beginning of 1992.

"We gather during a teachable moment to discuss the ongoing impacts of that legacy and to commit ourselves to reversing them", the group said.

"That statue of Christopher Columbus stands here today as a testament to our immigrant tradition, and Italian-American tradition", state Sen.

Critics of Columbus say the Italian explorer's slaughter and abuse of Native Americans means the statue should come down.

"Burying history is the worst way", Brophy said.

Myself an Italian-American, I've always found it odd that so many other Italians look to Columbus as the standard bearer of Italian pride.

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