The Walking Dead Won't Feature Any Characters From the Telltale Games

Kill happy It's clear the show's tendency to kill off major characters on a regular basis will continue

Kill happy It's clear the show's tendency to kill off major characters on a regular basis will continue

From the day Fear the Walking Dead was announced, fans of the zombie franchise have been asking when the survivors featured on the two shows would cross paths. So we're not going to see, say, Nick Clark become a permanent character on The Walking Dead or anything.

Could Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto jump into The Walking Dead? That possibility isn't farfetched The Walking Dead co-creator-Robert Kirkman-was glad he could confirm the new to the fans that packed out Madison Square Garden.

One character from either of the shows will appear in the other but he declined to reveal who it would be.

Kirkman didn't give many details about the event, but noted that one character from either The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead will appear on the other show for one episode. "Things like Daryl not being available in the comic, Clementine only being available in the games, and I think if we cross-pollenate too much, it takes away from what makes Walking Dead special in all the different genres". Because these timelines, like. how does that work?

Kirkman might have been explicit about the crossover's existence, but no further details came from his appearance in NY - on that front, at least.

As man who wrote the original Walking Dead comics explained, Fear the Walking Dead was created to stand on its own. Fans may love to see fiery Clementine replace the lackluster Edith as Carl's new girlfriend, but Kirkman has reaffirmed that it just won't be happening. "Hopefully there have been points where you go, 'Is this it?"

Excitement is at a fever pitch for the eighth season of The Walking Dead, AMC's hit series, which returns for another go-around on October 22, as Rick and company go head-to-head against Negan and his crew in an all-out war. "What could happen? Or is it going to be different from that?" The Walking Dead may have been around for seven seasons to-date, but it clearly has a lot of surprises ahead and plenty of steam to go.

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