Police have found head and limbs of missing journalist Kim Wall

Body parts found by Danish police are from Swedish journalist Kim Wall

BREAKING NEWS: Decapitated head of Swedish journalist 'murdered on board an inventor's home-made submarine' has been found say Danish police

Danish police say they have found body parts, including the head, of journalist Kim Wall, as they investigate how she died after she boarded a submarine.

On Aug. 23, a headless female torso attached to a piece of metal to make it sink, washed ashore in Copenhagen.

DNA tests from Madsen's nails, face and neck showed a clear match with Wall's, Buch-Jepsen said, though the exact cause of death remained unknown.

Her boyfriend reported her missing the following day.

Almost two months after the death of Kim Wall, the Danish police announced that it had made a new discovery macabre.

Madsen has been charged with manslaughter, which in Danish law implies murder, and he is now in pre-trial detention.

This would seem to contradict Peter Madsen's report that Kim Wall hit her head on a hatch in the submarine.

The alert of the disappearance of Kim Wall had been given by his companion.

For the prosecution, it is no doubt that the inventor has killed Kim Wall to fulfill a sexual fantasy before killing her and dismembering.

He has denied that the videos on the hard drive were his as it was a shared computer.

After throwing her body parts overboard he deliberately sank the vessel and claimed he had meant to stay on board.

Madsen was later captured and held in guardianship on doubt of murdering Wall.

Her head was in a bag along with two legs.

Her torso had also been weighed down when it was found, also in Koge Bay. The court ordered him detained for another four months as investigations continued.

Madsen created the UC3 Nautilus with private funding and launched it in May 2008. A talented writer, her work appeared in The New York Times, the Guardian and TIME, among publications.

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