McDonald's Aids Rick Sanchez's Quest for Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's Szechuan sauce returns, thanks to 'Rick and Morty'

Attention 'Rick and Morty' fans: McDonald's Szechuan sauce is coming to Iowa City for one day only

The episode continues as normal until the gag is brought up again at the end of the episode, when Rick goes mad and yells about how one day, perhaps in 9 seasons or in 97 years, he will finally receive more Szechuan Sauce.

Although McDonald's hasn't said that "Rick and Morty" is the reason they are reintroducing the sauce, it is hyping it as part of a roll out of its new buttermilk crispy tenders.

For one day only this Saturday, fans can head to four Chicago McDonald's locations to get a serving of the popular sauce.

You'll notice that the promo page doesn't explicitly mention Rick and Morty, though each order for the Szechuan sauce is accompanied by a free poster (while supplies last) that's vaguely alien-themed.

McDonald's restaurants participating in the Szechuan resurrection will make the sauce available at 2 p.m. on Saturday. It was only available for a limited time and disappeared quietly, that is until it became a punch line in the "Rick and Morty" show two decades later.

"Guys, we did it", said McDonald's Chef Michael Haracz. Judging by the space portal on the newest poster for the Szechuan Sauce, we can tell a very different cartoon from Mulan inspired the sauce's return this time around. Fans took to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites to demand that McDonald's reintroduce Szechuan Sauce to their menu.

The chain also is giving away 1,000 limited edition screen-printed posters at each of its locations (even those not offering the sauce) that pay homage to each of its 10 dipping sauces. One St. Petersburg and three Tampa McDonald's will carry the sauce, according to the fast-food chain.

There's a full list of the almost 1,000 restaurants that will have sauce at

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