You Can Now Share Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories

You Might Soon Be Able To Share Your Instagram Stories To Your Facebook Stories

Now share Instagram Stories to Facebook

You can not post a story to Facebook, through Instagram without posting it to Instagram - capisce?

TechCrunch says the cross-platform Story sharing option should come to everyone soon, but it's now only created to work in one direction: from Instagram to Facebook.

The feature only works in one direction at present, though Facebook apparently "hasn't ruled out" letting you start with a Facebook Story and cross-posting it to Instagram.

But that may soon be changing because Facebook is rolling out a feature that lets you cross-post your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. We're always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.

Instagram's Stories feature is pretty popular.

The only exception is businesses as they now do not have access to Facebook stories.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories - which launched last August - has been hugely successful, and has 250 million users.

Facebook Stories were introduced globally in March 2017 after testing the feature in Ireland.

The feature was eventually updated to include public sharing - a move that some reviewers said caused their engagement to skyrocket higher than engagement on typical newsfeed posts.

To make use of the new feature, first look for the "Poll Sticker", select it, and put it wherever you want it.

Having said that, one advantage of being able to share Instagram Stories directly on Facebook is that it would save time as users won't have to manually keep uploading it on Facebook.

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