Google Home Mini is a $49 Take on Amazon's Echo Dot

Google Home Mini: The new Amazon Echo Dot rival will be announced today

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The new, larger Home speaker is clearly meant to be an answer to critics who suggested the original Home lacked good audio quality (myself included) by providing something for users who care more about sound.

If you are buying a Pixel 2 under the special "Best Buy Pre-Order" package, then you might get the perk of getting the Google Home Mini smart speakers as well. Now the focus is hands-free calling on the Google Home.

You now have another, cheaper way to access Google Assistant. It can sit in either vertical or horizontal orientation, and it comes in both "chalk" and 'charcoal'.

Home Max has a front panel made out of the special fabric found on the Home Mini, which gives it a softer look while allowing sound and light to pass through it.

With the Home Mini, Google also debuts Voice Models.

In another announcement related to Google Home, users can now find their devices if they have lost in in their house. Inside the Home Max are dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers, custom 0.7-inch tweeters, and an acoustic brace.

Google has revealed the Home Max, a new high-end speaker and smart home hub which uses machine learning to automatically retune itself to sound its best, wherever you put it.

It's available in three colors too, black, grey and coral. It also supports Chromecast, Bluetooth, and Aux In, so you can use the Home Max as your dedicated speaker for your phone, record player, or anything else. The device can even know what music you want to play if you hum it right or speak a part of the lyrics! You will also be able to record these home live streams using voice commands in your Google Home as well.

Amazon had also announced something similar for its Echo speaker line last week. It will be available at retailers on October 19th and sell for $49. The Google Home Max is official and here's everything you need to know about the specs, price and United Kingdom release date. That big ticket does include a 12-month subscription for Youtube Red, which would otherwise cost $120.

Google Home Mini review: What's so special? Google Home Max will support a number of music streaming services.

Oh and one more thing.

In the U.S. the Max will cost $399.

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