NBA All-Star Game Squads To Be Picked By Captains

Stephen Currie

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This will mark the NBA's first All-Star Game without a matchup between the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

The changes the National Basketball Association announced to its All-Star Game format Tuesday, which will have two captains pick teams instead of pitting the Eastern and Western Conferences against each other, should help create more competitiveness - and perhaps even defense - in what's become a high-profile practice run. "We're looking forward to putting on an entertaining show in L.A.", Paul said. The game will be charity driven as well. Head coaches who lead their teams to the best records in respective conferences two weeks prior to the showcase will coach the teams, sans Boston's Brad Stevens and Golden State's Steve Kerr, who led last year's event.

The NBA's 67th All-Star Game goes down in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on Sunday, Feb. 18 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT), with TNT holding you down if you can't make the trip.

The conference does matter when it comes to the team's captain, who will be the highest vote-getter from the East and West.

There will still be 24 players, overall, selected for the All-Star team with the fans, players, and media all voting for the 10 All-Star starters same as a year ago.

Now while the actual game format will be different, the voting process will remain unchanged.

More details about how All-Star captains can draft their teams are expected to be released at a later date. Voters will select the five starters - two guards, three frontcourt players - for each conference.

The All Star Game starters and captains will be announced on January 18. Fans can begin voting for All-Stars on Christmas Day. Each All-Star Game coach will lead the team that includes the captain from the same conference.

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