Roku 4K Streaming Stick Launched

Newly public Roku announces latest lineup of streaming devices

Hands on: Roku Streaming Stick+ review

Starting right off with the Roku Express and Express+, we find that Roku didn't have many specific things to say about either one. Roku Express+ is available exclusively at Walmart beginning October 8.

On Sept. 22, Apple released its latest set-top box, the Apple TV 4K, which can stream video in 4K ultra-HD resolution with high dynamic range.

The most interesting member of the family is the all-new Streaming Stick+. Pricing for the starts at $49.99 for the Stick and $69.99 for the Stick+.

New for the streaming stick this year is that unusual, proprietary power cable that houses the external antenna - Roku told us that will provide the Roku Streaming Stick+ with four times the range as the old streaming stick and helps reduce interference. It also comes with a microSD card slot that will allow for faster app load times, Roku says. In other words, the Roku stick is competitively priced while offering access to Roku's genuinely excellent Roku TV smart platform and its famously awesome selection of streaming entertainment options (more than 500,000 different content offerings across some 5000 "channels", as Roku calls its platforms apps). "Consumers will love our new sleek Roku Streaming Stick+ with an innovative advanced wireless receiver that gives up to four times the wireless range and a remote that controls TV volume and power".

Roku Express and Roku Express+: Great for those who are looking to stream to the TV for the first time or extend their Roku OS experience to other TVs in the home. Altogether, the company is announcing five new or updated devices this fall.

More importantly, the Streaming Stick+ now comes with full 4K HDR support, which can be run at a steady 60 frames per second. Roku are taking pre-orders from today and the new devices will launch on the 8th of October.

Finally, the Roku Ultra is the flagship of the bunch.

Roku announced five new media streaming devices on Monday, which all include some performance and video upgrades, while some will directly compete with the new Apple TV 4K for a place next to your TV.

Beyond better voice recognition and command cognition, Roku OS will offer the same spectacular universal search function we've come to expect.

As far as we know, Roku has the largest catalogue of titles and therefore is more likely to display shows and movies at lower prices than either the Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV 4K, both of which are likely to push you towards their respective stores over a cheaper competitor. That's because Roku seems to have abandoned the United Kingdom market, refusing to offer us anything better than the Roku 3 - despite having launched a number of high end boxes over the past two years.

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