EJ Dionne Jr.: Alabama's rebel yell from the right

EJ Dionne Jr.: Alabama's rebel yell from the right

EJ Dionne Jr.: Alabama's rebel yell from the right

On Wednesday, Mr Trump praised Mr Moore. Luther Strange after he lost the Republican runoff to Roy Moore on Tuesday. In an email, CREW communications director Jordan Libowitz said Trump can delete "purely political tweets", which he said are not covered by the Presidential Records Act. Tweets this week from Trump supporting unusual disappeared from his account shortly after Moore defeated him. Trump himself seemed of two minds, musing publicly that he might have made a mistake backing unusual.

The strangeness of it all was amplified on Monday night, election eve, when two of the world's most pro-Trump heavyweights, Former Trump Senior Adviser Steve Bannon and Brexit leader Nigel Farage, flew in for a rally in support of Judge Moore, while Vice President Pence stumped for unusual.

So anyone who supports Moore should essentially forfeit the right to say he or she believes in the rule of law.

Noting reports that at least six current or former White House officials used private email accounts for government business, Harper says the deletion of the unusual tweets "is part of a larger pattern" of the Trump administration not taking record-keeping seriously.

ELLIOTT: Well, I don't know if he did it, but they disappeared, yes.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The runoff between Moore and unusual pitted some top Republicans against one another, each side claiming the mantle of President Trump and his agenda. Trump, multiple sources said, was furious with McConnell - with whom he has openly feuded - and feels outdone by his former aide Bannon.

But Moore, the eventual victor, is an anti-establishment, evangelical Christian candidate who faced over $2.5 million in negative ads aired by the Senate Leadership Fund super PAC. I've never met the man. "Could I say I was ordered to do so?" And I'm very happy with that.

"Vice President Mike Pence also joined in on the praise for Moore following his victory, insisting that he ran on the "#MAGA agenda" after a string of tweets this week that praised odd.

But Moore embraced the role of Trumpian outsider, even though the president endorsed his opponent.

Bannon and Kushner repeatedly clashed when the two were at the White House, with Bannon seeing Kushner as trying to moderate some of Trump's conservative leanings.

One person Trump has not appeared to blame: himself. And then he erased all of his past tweets supporting Luther Strange.

The Alabama Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who just knocked off an incumbent urged Congress not to seat U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison in 2006 because he is Muslim. "And you can not make America good without acknowledging the sovereign source of that goodness, the sovereign source of the law, liberty and government, which is almighty God".

Strange, he wrote, "started way back & ran a good race".

Sometimes Trump tweets are deleted because of simple typos (covfefe, anyone?).

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