Let's Make a Deal Host Monty Hall Dead at 96

Report: “Let's Make a Deal” host Monty Hall passes away at 96

Monty Hall, legendary host of 'Let's Make a Deal,' dead at 96

Hall, who hosted the game show "Let's Make a Deal" for almost forty years over more than 4,700 episodes, died at the age of 96 on Saturday due to heart failure, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Hall was born in Canada on August 25, 1921. Contestants - wearing insane costumes to attract Hall's attention and get plucked from the crowd - got to choose mystery prizes behind three bedazzled doors. By 1946, he was working as a radio announcer, and he soon moved on to TV shows - children's shows like "Cowboy Theater", game shows including "Bingo at Home" and even the news magazine "Monitor".

Other shows created and hosted by Hall include "Split Second", "Chain Letter" and "It's Anybody's Guess".

The Game Show Network ranked Hall fourth on their list of the Top 10 Game Show Hosts of all Time, according to IMDB. Aided by model Carol Merrill and announcer Jay Stewart, Hall wandered the studio, giving modest prizes or cash to audience members and then offering them the chance to trade their prize for a potentially better deal, sight unseen. But bitten by the stage bug thanks to appearances in student shows, he left for NY. The tradition of zany costumes evolved as the show continued, and contestants vied in more absurd fashion to attract Hall's attention. He hosted several, over the course of his career, but Let's Make a Deal is what injected him into the cultural ether.

However, Sharon Hall said Hall never refused an autograph and used his fame to help others.

In 1947, Hall married his wife, Marilyn, who became an Emmy Award-winning producer.

He is survived by two daughters - Broadway and TV actress Joanna Gleason and Sharon Hall - his son Richard, brother Robert Hall and five grandchildren.

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