Where to Find the New Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

The SNES Classic Releases Tomorrow and How Can You Get One

As Nintendo Preps SNES Relaunch, A Look Back At The System's Top 10 Bestsellers

Nintendo's SNES Classic has launched with a library of 20 games, including classics such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Super Metroid and even the unreleased, never before played Star Fox 2. Reddit user SpongeFreak52 has managed to share the good news early, however, as they received their SNES Classic early due to Best Buy apparently messing up on shipping.

Target - Target unfortunately isn't selling systems online yet, but they do have a splash page up for the system. But the SNES Classic Edition, while still being heavily clamored for, now seems possible to buy. Presales began August 22 and quickly sold out within minutes at Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and GameStop. Gamestop was getting limited numbers of the system, so there's no guarantee you can nab one, but if you've got a store near you it might be worth checking.

You'd save yourself $100 by just reading the Earthbound guide here as opposed to trying to buy a physical copy with high eBay prices that remain to this day. The SNES Classic looks and sounds exactly how you remember it, down to the clack of the Reset button when you bat at it out of frustration. That being said, it's largely sold out after the frenzy of yesterday, although most of these companies are also expecting to restock the console fairly quickly. However, it does sound like each store got decent stock at least. Nintendo knows the sheer number of people who want its product. But the games might set you back some serious cash. But let's also say you decide that traditional wired controller is a little too true to the original SNES experience for your decidedly modern tastes.

ThinkGeek - ThinkGeek started selling systems the morning of September 29 online, however, they soon tweeted that all of their systems had sold out.

Here's more on why you need to get these and what you get with them.

Still, it's 100 per cent nuts that somebody's already done this when many people probably haven't even opened their SNES Classics yet. As of this writing, the site is sold out, and is only has units through third-party sellers. There may be a couple alternatives however. Those who are lucky enough to be in one of 18 major cities, which include Los Angeles and San Diego, where the Amazon Treasure truck is rolling through can get theirs on the move.

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