Amazon unveils the next-gen Echo and Echo Plus smart speakers

Meet Amazon's new Echo devices

Amazon announces new Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Spot

Reportedly, user can access YouTube, video calling, Google Assistant, and Google Photos on the device. The competition also has grounds to fear a terminal whose operating system will be Android, making the availability of both applications and compatibility between the device and smartphones on the world's most widespread mobile platform are simpler. Further this device will also be acting as smart hub capable of controlling various other smart home devices and Nest.

No information was given on how much the Google Manhattan device will cost, but Amazon's Echo Show now sells for $229.99.

Amazon's Music Unlimited service is home to tens of millions of songs and thousands of playlists users can stream from their smartphones, tablets, Alexa-enabled devices and more.

The speaker structure is internally different from previous year and they have been improved for better sound quality. The device has a color screen that can show information like the time, weather, news and web videos, and comes with a video camera for calling over Alexa.

Amazon also unveiled a new Fire TV dongle that plugs into the back of a TV (it uses HDMI).

The new device offers much better sound than the original Amazon Echo, thanks to support for Dolby Audio, which means it'll compete more directly with products such as the Sonos Play:1 and even Apple's upcoming HomePod, the latter of which is due out before the holidays.

Amazon also launched the Echo Spot, a small circular speaker created to sit on a nightstand or desk.

This is also known after Google chose to eliminate support for YouTube in the Amazon Echo - application that will be on your device, of course. Now you can just tell your Echo to call anyone in your contacts or speak out a specific number to dial. The device will be released in the United States in the fourth quarter and in the United Kingdom next year. also introduced the Echo Button, an accessory that can be used for games. You can also watch videos on its 2.5 inch screen if you want. Routines are essentially multiple commands built into one voice action, like turning off the lights, locking the door, and turning off the television with a single "Alexa, good night". You've got the option to opt out of displaying your number, in which case other people will see "unknown caller" when your Echo rings them.

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