World's 'Heaviest' Woman Dies in Abu Dhabi Hospital

Eman Ahmed World's heaviest woman passes away in Abu Dhabis

BREAKING: The Former World's Heaviest Woman Died In Abu Dhabi Today

The hospital where Eman was staying offered its deep condolences to Eman's family in a statement and said that the death was a result of a dysfunction in the kidney. She now weighs less than 204 kg. She had celebrated her birthday on September 9. Eman had been admitted at Burjeel hospital on May 4 after arriving in the UAE from India. But after the disputes, her sister had taken her back to Abu Dhabi. Doctors at Saifee said the bariatric surgery and diet regime they gave Ahmed helped her lose 300kg.

Her transfer from India was made on the insistence of her sister, who accused doctors in India of lying and jeopardising her sister's life. "The surgery itself was the biggest risk to her, besides other issues that come with extreme obesity". A resident of Alexandria in Egypt, she had not stepped out of her house for more than two decades due to her obese condition.

Dr. Lakdawala created a blog, Save Eman, with her family to document her recovery. But, he thought, "if I can somehow use whatever God-gifted talent I have to save her, I must try". She suffered a stroke and, unable to move or communicate, her weight increased to more than 1,000 pounds.

On February 11, she was brought to Mumbai for the weight loss procesure.

Eman Ahmed, an Egyptian woman who underwent weight loss surgery, is carried on a stretcher as she leaves a hospital in Mumbai, India May 4, 2017. "Inna-lillahi-wa-inna-ilayhi-raji-un. You shall always remain in my thoughts and prayers #EmanAhmed.Shall forever remember her smile RIP".

However, Shaima, in an online video last month, had alleged that she was not receiving proper treatment at the privately-owned Saifee hospital in South Mumbai.

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