Super Mario Run Update Will Add Daisy, New World, New Mode

Super Mario Run update

Super Mario Run update: Remix 10 mode and Daisy coming soon

Super Mario Run's new game mode coming in the September 29th update is called Remix 10 and will provide the key to rescuing and unlocking Daisy. Gamers can purchase Super Mario Run at a substantial at 50% off during the first two weeks that the update is available.

First revealed via the iTunes App Store, the new update will come with a new mode that should excite players.

The September 29th update for Super Mario Run will also feature a brand new world consisting of nine stages, new enemies, new unlockables, and more. Each section will be chosen at random and will have no game over screens, letting players familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics.

The new mode, officially called Remix 10, has players running 10 second levels in groups of 10. Complete this mode entirely and you'll be rewarded the grand prize of Princess Daisy, who is subsequently playable the rest of the game.

The publication reports that despite a good showing when Super Mario was launched, Nintendo thought it would see better revenue earnings from the full version of the game.

The addition of Daisy brings the amount of playable characters up to seven while World Star gives the game seven worlds to play through. However, Nintendo is about to spark a bit of life into its signature mobile game.

The game will also be able to be played and will allow users to listen to their own music; the amusing thing is that even the character you play will have headphones on to show you that he's listening to your music instead of the game themes. Players can now switch between the game soundtrack and their own in-device music.

Nevertheless, with the company continuing to offer new content for "Super Mario Run", it appears that Nintendo is very much willing to commit to the game in the foreseeable future.

"The Super Mario Run" update will roll out on September 29.

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