Desperation on both sides as Giants visit Eagles Sunday

Eagles Players Coaches Front Office Executives Lock Arms Before Game

Desperation on both sides as Giants visit Eagles Sunday

With McAdoo as the offensive coordinator, NY scored 30 points in a game 12 times. At least, that's the message they conveyed in the Quest Diagnostics Training Center's locker room this week with typical platitudes, including the notion that every week in the National Football League is a must-win game.

Nobody in Philadelphia sympathizes with them.

What does Giants history tell us the last few times the they've started 0-2? A hostile crowd at the Linc awaits them.

The Giants fell to 0-3 despite entering the season with high hopes after finishing 11-5 and making the playoffs previous year.

His playcalling has been questioned and he's considering relinquishing those duties. He's still far from making a real dent on the record books - and still more than 1,200 receptions behind Jerry Rice - but his breakneck pace could eventually put him in the conversation. I think that's what it's been.

"If we're always five-step drop, if we're always three-step drop, if we're always in a mode where we have tight ends and backs to both sides chipping and helping tackles, if we're always just forcing the run and we're getting stuffed or we're always just trying to throw it. too much of one thing is not good", Sullivan said. "But you've got take positives from everything and continue to learn".

The whole day was just kind of weird, especially leading up to the improbable victor. The Eagles are hoping to bounce back from a hard-fought loss last Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs and prove that they are indeed contenders in the NFC. "I am not saying I am going to do it".

Their players made a decision to step up and be louder than they have in the past, joined in places like New England and Denver, where so many dozens of players knelt that firing them en masse would have resulted in forfeiture for not enough players to play. We've got to just find ways to stay in good down and distance, stay in good rhythm and get a little confidence going in the offense.

With his team reeling after back-to-back losses to the Cowboys and Lions - one more dispiriting than the other - and with his offense in the kind of disarray never before seen in the Eli Manning era, McAdoo abruptly has moved to the epicenter of his team's early-season dysfunction. He's been one of the team's biggest acquisitions over the last three years. They went 6-2 at Lincoln Financial Field in 2016. If he doesn't play, the Eagles will have to make do with Mack Hollins.

But make no mistake: NY is brinking on disaster with another loss in a season that began with well-founded Super Bowl aspirations.

In only his second game since being signed to replace the injured Caleb Sturgis, Elliott was bombarded at midfield by his teammates as the Eagles improved to 2-1. "The safeties are aggressive, they play downhill and their corners are very physical and hands on".

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie released a statement on Saturday night to support his players' attempts to call attention to injustice (see story). The Giants running game will not get better until they invest more draft capital into the position.

Last September, when Jenkins first began his demonstration, head coach Doug Pederson said he would join in if his players held some sort of team-wide demonstration. "It's not just one guy".

Can either team run the ball?

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