Nursing home residents found dead in Florida after Hurricane Irma

Relative Wants Answers in Death of Woman at Care Home

Relative Wants Answers in Death of Woman at Care Home

Not counting the nursing home deaths, at least 13 people in Florida have died under in Irma-related circumstances, many of them well after the storm had passed.

"We want somewhere for people to go during this hard time".

Police said a criminal investigation is underway and they are not ruling anything out.

As a precautionary measure, Sanchez said he assigned officers to check the other 42 nursing homes throughout the city to make certain they're properly taking care of the elderly.

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said three were found dead at the Hollywood Hills nursing home. An official from Memorial said that the healthcare network was helping with evacuating people from the rehabilitation centre, which is not part of the Memorial system, and will take some to their other hospitals in the region. In addition, the nursing home is situated in the same location as well.

A caseworker named Ed, who declined to give his last name, came to the facility Wednesday to check on his 80-year-old dementia patient.

Initially, Hollywood Police Spokeswoman Miranda Grossman told Local10 that one person died.

Another 18 patients in a neighboring behavioral wellbeing office are additionally being emptied, Story said.

CNN affiliate WPLG reported that the home's air-conditioning had been out since Hurricane Irma struck Sunday.

He said FPL works with Broward and all the counties in its territory to plan ahead of hurricane season and find out what facilities should get power first, which is a county decision.

Firefighters discovered two people dead inside the house, FOX35 Orlando reported.

A total of 115 people were evacuated and taken to other facilities.

The Daytona Beach Fire Department said on Twitter a generator had been running inside the home.

But as the power outages have lingered and residents have turned to generators, authorities have also warned of the danger these devices cause, noting that misusing them can easily sicken or kill people inside homes.

The hurricane struck northern Caribbean islands last week, leaving at least 44 people dead, before it smashed into the U.S. mainland over the weekend, with at least 33 storm-related deaths reported. He said he has been trying to reach Florida Power & Light for days.

Elsewhere, Irma was blamed for four deaths in SC and two in Georgia. More than 40 died in the Caribbean.

"There's nothing we can do", Long told Local10.

The number of people without electricity in the steamy late-summer heat dropped to 9.5 million - just under half of Florida's population.

Gusts topping 90 miles per hour whipped Miami on Sunday, knocking out power to most of the city's residents.

The Florida Health Care Association represents 81 percent of the state's nursing homes.

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