Hurricane Jose to turn a half-loop in Atlantic

Garrett’s Blog The Boomerang Hurricane Jose

Garrett’s Blog The Boomerang Hurricane Jose

National Hurricane Center (NHC) latest forecast for Hurricane Jose has the Category 1 storm turning northeast back into the Atlantic over the next five days.

Hurricane Jose was several hundred miles north of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sunday, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 130 mph. However, the system will still continue to maintain Hurricane Jose in the waters of the Atlantic. It lost a lot of its punch from earlier Tuesday and was as high as a Category 4 storm with winds around 155 miles per hour.

Jose's odd spin is because of weak steering currents that are letting it be jostled around by a large deep-layer trough to the northeast.

The storm is not expected to impact Southwest Florida.

While track models are coming into better agreement on Jose's path, "there still remains a significant spread", among a few of the forecasts.

However, whether the hurricane hits the Canadian shores or not will depend on the timing of the frontal boundary and the strength of the high pressure ridge, Hull explained.

This places the entire eastern side of North America at risk, with Jose capable of making its landfall anywhere between SC, U.S. and Newfoundland, Canada.

"There is a still a lot of computer model uncertainty on Jose's next move but it still is a storm to watch for the USA and Canada", said Ross Hull.

For the European weather model, a recurvature out to sea or a landfall in New England or Canada were the preferred solutions.

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