James Franco's New Movie About The Room Gets New Trailer

39;The Disaster Artist'

The Disaster Artist

A24 has released the full trailer and poster for James Franco's upcoming comedy The Disaster Artist, the true story of the making of the film The Room, which has been called "the "Citizen Kane" of bad movies".

Franco also directed, while Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber wrote the comedic look-back.

Franco will portray Tommy Wiseau, who's the writer, director, and star of The Room. Sitting down in Entertainment Weekly, PEOPLE, and InStyle's studio at the Toronto International Film Festival, Dave discussed why it's taken so long for them to collaborate. In the lead role, he nails Wiseau's thickly unplaceable Eastern European accent (he refuses to say where he is from, implausibly insisting he was born in New Orleans), but his portrayal never slides into caricature-no mean feat, considering that Wiseau is virtually a freestanding caricature on his own.

Do you think James Franco could win an Oscar? When Greg Sestero suggested that Franco should star in the film, Tommy Wiseau was fine with it. And you definitely didn't find Tommy Wiseau's The Room some boundless well of midnight movie entertainment.You were the real deal. "That's why your movie, I knew that - I said, 'You'll be doing a good job'".

Also starring in The Disaster Artist are Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, and Alison Brie.

Jason Guerrasio of Business Insider echoes the statement, going so far as to suggest the performance could be Oscar worthy, "With incredible detail by James Franco of not just playing Wiseau, but making the reenactments of "The Room" - from the crappy set design and costumes to how bad lines were delivered - is incredible". The movie will hit theaters on December 1.

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