Hillary Clinton: No Longer a Candidate But 'Not Done With Politics'

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Hillary Clinton says she'll never run for office again, could have done 'better job' handling America's anger

According to Clinton, another key failing of her campaign was her seeming lack of empathy towards the lingering resentment in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic - you name it, ' Clinton had said. I think.that it was a mistake because a lot of people didn't want to hear my plans. It was presented in such a negative way, and I never could get out from under it.

Choking back tears, Clinton described the pain of attending Trump's inauguration - and listening to her victorious opponent's speech, which she called a "cry from the white nationalist gut".

"How are you?" And as if she was approaching a triggering topic, the CBS host asked Clinton for permission to talk about Election Day, 2016.

She said she will remain active in politics because of her grave concern that "our country's future is at stake".

Diane Hessen, the author of the internal study, found that after Clinton's remark, "all hell broke loose" among the group of voters she was tracking at the time.

A defiant Clinton cut in: "No, but they were already energized".

She spoke about how hard it was to attend Trump's Inauguration, as she was the former first lady with former President Bill Clinton.

CLINTON: No, I'm very happy we did it.

The other basket was filled with "friends" who felt the government and the economy had let them down, Clinton explained, encouraging her supporters to bring those Trump supporters over to her side. Sanders repeatedly attacked her as a representative of the political establishment, a message Trump echoed.

"We have a reality show that leads to the election of a president", she said of the campaign conducted by President Donald Trump.

"It just stopped my momentum", Clinton said.

And, she added, "Yes, I had my fair share of Chardonnay".

She also served eight years representing NY in the Senate, and eight years as USA first lady.

Clinton contended that she had to fight forces in the 2016 race that were "unlike anything that I've ever seen or read about".

"I just went into the bedroom, laid down on the bed, i just thought 'Okay".

But I'm a former first lady, and former presidents and first ladies show up.

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