The 11 Most Important Things to Note on 'AHS: Cult's Big Premiere

When does American Horror Story: Cult start?

Cher is rumoured to be a part of new American Horror Story cast

In the new animated clip that was posted on social media to promote the latest installment "American Horror Story: Cult", a woman is trapped in a room of some sort and the only way out is through one exit. And the romance drama "Like Crazy" arrives on Netflix.

American Horror Story: Cult has the benefit of being both hilarious and hilariously anti-Trump (whatever Ryan Murphy may say), but the positives end there. Back in February, creator Ryan Murphy teased that the seventh season of his horror anthology series would deal with the 2016 presidential election, later clarifying that it would do so only obliquely. It's unclear as of yet whether he's part of the larger clown clan that's out to terrorize the Mayfair-Richards family, or just a guy who really likes Mexican wrestling and soup, in that order - but playing the odds, we're gonna go with "clown" and keep him on the list.

In another part of their suburban MI town, a blue-haired miscreant named Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) has a polar opposite reaction to the election results, declaring that the revolution has begun while chanting "USA!" Her therapist prescribes her a mild anti-anxiety medication to counteract her phobias-which also include blood, confined spaces, the dark, particles in the air, and things with holes-but she avoids taking them for a while, until Ivy insists. We don't know yet-but if this season really is an allegory for our current politics, I think we all know what the answer will be.

With appropriately over-the-top but engrossing performances from longtime AHS regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters as two very different and very similar sides of the political spectrum, the supernatural-less and often satirical Cult is, as I say in my video review, about letting chaos reign, fear take over and absolute power emerge in the fallout of the accelerant of instability that is America 2017.

Winter has, in some fashion, pledged herself to Kai, engaging in a cult-like ritual in which they link pinkies and he asks her a series of personal questions, which she must answer honestly.

It could easily be a throw-away line, but then again, consider how big of a role Twisty the Clown has played in the season already.

Clowns: Don't even think about watching this season if you have coulrophobia (fear of clowns). For instance: did you catch an interesting detail about where Hillary Clinton's campaign sent Billie Lourd's Winter Anderson?

After all these seasons of American Horror Story, the most honest expression of terror we've seen on Sarah Paulson's face doesn't come from a TV psychic, conjoined twins, an investigative journalist, or a blind witch. But my fear is that Cult, with its murderous clowns and hysterical feminists, will simply confirm to Americans of all political stripes that the world has gone mad. You see, Ally's son loves a scary comic book about a killer clown named Twisty - remember him from AHS: Freak Show? - but when she catches him reading it, her clown phobia flares up (and honestly, same). This a realm of cliches and characters who stand in for perspectives and demographics, so you now know everything about these characters that you're going to get.

Who is starring in American Horror Story: Cult?

The child later reports seeing a group of clowns murdering his parents' friends - it's now unclear if that's really the case or the result of watching some pretty violent and twisted things with Winter. Even the most basic places are no longer safe: A trip to the grocery store starts off ominously when a MAGA hat-wearing cashier declares, "We finally got a real leader in Washington". Kai is ultimately rejected and humiliated at the meeting by the president (Who happens to be Ally's neighbor and friend that's later killed by the clowns), but doesn't let that stop him.

"For Evan, it's been a real and great challenge to work on the physicality of: how am I going to be Charles Manson, and how am I going to be [Marshall Applewhite]", said Murphy.

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