Star Wars Episode IX directors: who should replace Colin Trevorrow?

Who should direct Star Wars: Episode IX now? Here's 9 directors to consider

'Episode IX' is the latest 'Star Wars' movie to lose its director

This isn't the first time Lucasfilm has parted ways with filmmakers (Josh Trank was removed from an unnamed Star Wars Story in the summer of 2015, while Gareth Edwards was sidelined during Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

On Tuesday, there was another disturbance in the Force, in the form of director Colin Trevorrow being let go from Episode IX, mere months before its predecessor, The Last Jedi, opens in theaters. "Colin was a wonderful collaborator during the development process, but we came to the conclusion that our visions for the project differed", one can read.

The statement concluded: "We wish Colin the best and will be sharing more information about the film soon". Barely two months after the dismissal of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the duo who was in charge of implementing the spin-off devoted to the youth of Han Solo and who has chose to leave the ship in full production, it is the turn of Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) from. He's been working on the film since then, looking at a production start in January 2018. Star Wars movies, much like lightsabers, can't be competently wielded by just anyone. I never thought I was actually in the running, because I assumed every director on the planet would want to be doing a Star Wars movie. Most damningly, he made 2016's The Book of Henry, which was apparently worse than Fantastic Four and made 98% of Star Wars Twitter think THIS IS THE GUY WHO'S HANDLING THE DEATH OF PRINCESS LEIA?

"George [Lucas] came here to make Star Wars and immerse himself in this place and got far away from Los Angeles, from Hollywood, really from America", Trevorrow told The Associated Press at the time.

The next film in the franchise, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", will be released in December. Trevorrow was chosen for the Star Wars gig shortly after the opening of Jurassic World.

Ever since the title was announced, there's been mass speculation as to who The Last Jedi is referring to.

In the wake of the Trevorrow news, many people were quick to speculate online about who might take up the mantle. Luke Skywalker, right now, is the last Jedi.

But perhaps the most suggested name was that of a man already well-acquainted with the force: Abrams. Women have influenced the production of Star Wars for the better since the original trilogy.

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