Senator Ted Cruz Tours Harvey Disaster Areas

AP Exclusive Flood insurance policies plunged before Harvey

Senator Ted Cruz Tours Harvey Disaster Areas

Aides said help for Texas, Louisiana, and possibly other states to recover from Harvey might not be the only assistance provided this fall.

What this back-and-forth underscores is an inconvenient fact of life, and politics: It's much easier to hold your principles in theory than in reality.

But New York and New Jersey lawmakers seeking help over Superstorm Sandy encountered stiffer resistance.

Two senior White House officials said hurricane relief might be handled in Congress as a special emergency request, not attached to other spending legislation. Only 1/3rd of the funds were going to be used for Sandy relief.

Luckman, a graduate of Touro Law Center who took the job as director of the clinic about eight months after Hurricane Sandy, said that up to a dozen law students volunteer at the clinic each semester. Sure enough, various news media have scrutinized the Sandy bill and determined, lo and behold, Cruz is up to his mealy-mouthed tricks again.

Multiple, targeted bills: According to Politico's Burgess Everett and Sarah Ferris, one idea from Republicans is to dole out money for Harvey relief over a series of bills that target specific needs.

After Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast in 2012, Cruz was vocally opposed to disaster relief. People were trapped in their homes, millions without power.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the president is in talks with lawmakers to determine the final amount that his administration will ask for in a bill meant to shore up the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) budget in the wake of the natural disaster.

Okay, but maybe he just didn't understand the importance. Period. If government has any goal in America, it will deliver that help as quickly as is humanly possible, and put aside the he-said, he-said bickering that threatens to infect this emergency as it has tarnished so many other issues of importance.

The Fact Checker ends up giving Cruz "Three Pinocchios" out of four.

If you look at the response to these two hurricanes, it's tempting to use the word "hypocrisy" to describe the Republican reaction as many are doing. Lets hope this time politicians keep the focus on real relief for victims, rather than fisheries and government vehicles.

The aftermath of a tragedy is the worst time to engage in political bickering, yet that is what's happening in the Cruz-Christie spat. At that point, Cruz said he voted against the measure for assistance for New Jersey and NY because the measure was at least two-thirds full of non-related spending. "My sense is that they'd want a relief aid package to be a standalone that doesn't have a lot of unrelated stuff added on", said Alyssa Farah, spokeswoman for the conservative House Freedom Caucus. "For folks who are focused on raising political shots and snipes about the Sandy bill, facts matter".

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