Majority say Donald Trump is dividing America, as approval rating falls


Another new poll shows Trump at an all-time low - this time with Republicans ditching the president

Asked specifically how they felt about Trump's response to the Charlottesville violence, 60 percent of voters said they disapproved; 32 percent said they approved of the president's handling of the issue.

This is Mr Trump's his worst score on this question.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University found 62% of voters say he is dividing the country, while 31% say he is doing more to unite it.

About the same number of poll respondents - 59 percent - said Trump's decisions and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups.

In a poll released on August 17, the president's approval rating had dropped to 35 percent.

American voters disapprove 55 - 40 percent of the way the news media covers Trump, and disapprove 62 - 35 percent of the way the president talks about the media.


Trump has popularized use of the term "fake news" to criticize news media and reporters that he contends treat him unfairly.

Sixty-eight percent of registered voters said Trump's actions and rhetoric "could get us accidentally involved in an global conflict", while 29 percent disagreed with that statement, the poll found.

The portion of voters with a favorable view of Trump - 41 percent, compared to 56 percent with an unfavorable view - was higher in the poll than for both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with 36 percent and 19 percent respectively viewing them favorably. Twenty-nine percent, however, disagreed with this statement.

The survey was conducted from August 13 to 17 and polled 1,000 registered voters.

Almost seven in 10 voters think President Donald Trump's behavior could accidentally embroil the an "international conflict", according to the latest George Washington University battleground poll.

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