Roger Goodell close to contract extension through 2024

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According to the Sports Business Journal's Daniel Kaplan, the National Football League is close to extending commissioner Roger Goodell's contract for another five years through 2024.

"I don't have any thoughts", Brady said on WEEI on Monday, when informed of Goodell's impending new contract. Goodell reportedly earned $150 million over his first eight years as commissioner, and his most recently reported salary is $34 million in 2015.

Negotiations on a new deal for Goodell have been underway since last May.

Sports Business Journal was the first to report on the seemingly imminent deal, saying an announcement could come this week.

Despite off-field turmoil and a seemingly endless list of controversies, the NFL plans to extend the tenure of commissioner Roger Goodell, per a report from the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo. The NFL survived a lockout in 2011, before the owners and the union reached an agreement. He has been widely criticized in recent years for his role in the league office's inconsistencies in handing out player punishments, particularly in cases of domestic violence.

When the revised policy, which was unanimously approved by the owners in 2014, was revealed, the association issued a statement expressing displeasure on not being able to collectively bargain any changes to the policy.

While Goodell's job comes with a natural dose of divisiveness, he has become the face of player discontent with the league's discipline system. That goes a long way in explaining why the commissioner is close to a contract extension.

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