Age Isn't Slowing Down Tom Brady at All

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In fact, things are quite the opposite for Brady who had this to say when asked about training as a 40-year-old player.

Bill Belichick and Texans head coach Bill O'Brien will conduct joint practices with their teams on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Greenbrier resort in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. "I'm always trying to be more efficient and more accurate, more velocity".

"Well, right now the only expectation I have is to go out and have a good practice today", Belichick said. Deshaun yesterday, Tom today - made a lovely throw to Jaelen (Strong) there on that play, which was a touchdown situation. Obviously, they won a lot of big games. Usually I know exactly what I need to do when I can see the flight of the ball. He is the head coach and de facto general manager for a team he has led to five Super Bowl victories, and they seem to get better every year.

Receiver Deandre Hopkins has not missed a game in his four year National Football League career to date, but the Texans are still being conscious of their number one threat.

"I think it's a lot easier for me now than it's ever been", he said. "The ability to turn the clock to zero is really impressive and very hard".

"It's cool. It's a blessing to be in his presence and have that opportunity to learn from one of the best who's done it for a long time", Watson said.

As for Crean, letting him attend practice is a great show of trust by Belichick. "He's helped me a lot and given me a lot of insight". Different motivations, teachings, [but] coaching is coaching, even though the sport is different. We've played them a ton. "He is a very progressive guy".

How do you think Watson's career is going to turn out, Clemson football fans?

"If I could run a 4.7 [forty-yard dash], man, I would have been the first overall pick; unfortunately, I ran a 5.2", Brady said with a laugh, before immediately amending his claim. He definitely took notes watching No. 12 operate the past two days and work his magic against the Texans defense. Regardless, it's clear that Belichick has never been shy about expanding his horizons - sports, business leaders, ex-players, current ones - all in the name of improving as a coach and - as important - improving his team.

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