Google Allo is now available on the web

Allo for web looks to be about to launch with new link in app sidebar

Google Allo for web finally arrives, but only for Android users

Furthermore, the app, which is loaded with innovative stickers and fonts, also boast of a Gmail-style smart reply option, whereby users can reply to messages with a single tap. You'll have to get the latest version of Allo (16.0.024) before you can link your account.

The web version of Allo somewhat uses a similar pairing process with WhatsApp. Perhaps Google saw the app's lack of support for desktops was a major factor in the market performance of the app, which is why we have a new Google Allo for Web. If you normally browse with Firefox, Safari or Edge, you'll need to fire up Chrome or opt to continue without Allo web. Select it and scan the QR code using your phone.

With your phone, you scan the unique code that's displayed on the Allo website, which will pair your app with the computer.

Google has debuted a web version of its smart messaging app Allo on its Chrome web browser. Some are saying that one of the reasons is that it is still limited to mobile devices, unlike Messenger and Viber and other apps that can be accessed through desktop apps or web browsers. Some features of the chat including photo capturing, deleting the conversation and blocking contacts will not work. The messaging app, which lets you chat with your friends and foes, retain most of the features on its web client which is available on the mobile app. Fulay on Tuesday, Aug. 15, announced via Twitter that Allo is now available on the web but only for Android users for the time being. When it comes to IMs Google's strategy is a big mess. It can help suggest movies and restaurants inside the chat.

It is unclear if this is due to technical issues or if Google simply wants to give Android users an exclusive feature at the start, but either way iPhone owners will have no choice but to remain patient.

Open the menu and look for "Allo for web" icon. Likewise, the Allo support page for the web client is also not live yet, also giving a "Sorry, this page can not be found" error.

Do you use Allo? That's a figure Google doesn't reveal. The U.S., meanwhile, is second with 17 percent of downloads.

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