Car's 7-story fall from Austin parking garage

Burch was able to keep moving his car forward and away from the car that landed on top of his

Burch was able to keep moving his car forward and away from the car that landed on top of his

Surveillance video shows the auto hit the pavement after a seven-storey plunge from a downtown parking garage and striking another vehicle as it lands in the alley. I don't design buildings, but there seems to be something, a flaw, ' Carlisle added. Paramedics called her injuries non-life threatening.

Fox affiliate, FOX 7 obtained video showing the moment a auto plunged off a Downtown Austin parking garage.

"I went straight down, and I watched myself in slow motion", Bowmer, 49, told the Austin American-Statesman. "I thought I was going to die". Video of that incident appears below.

Police said the woman behind the wheel mistakenly hit the wrong pedal - sending her screeching through a safety barriers on the top floor of the complex.

Local reports claim this is the second time a auto has broken through the barriers at the Austin vehicle park.

A similar incident occurred last September at the same parking structure. Amazingly, the driver of the falling vehicle survived, according to the Austin Statesman.

But after Bowmer's auto went over the side of the building last month, city records show, inspectors found that any repairs made after the 2016 incident were never permitted by the city - and that it appeared that no repairs had been done.

Littlefield was cited for unsafe conditions for its barrier cable systems in that incident.

The cables are hanging just as they were after the crash on July 13th.

"Now I'm anxious about anywhere that I park", she said.

"I realized that hey - there's no barrier, there's just four wires here". Inspectors don't initiate periodic checks on buildings.

Here is the newspaper's account of the latest crash, along with its account of O'Connor's fall and his rescue from the dangling SUV by a passer-by. It was during those meetings the city determined the entire cable system will need to be brought up to current code. The area where Bowmer's vehicle went through the barrier remains closed. "My foot slipped off the brake", she said. The pain is still a major issue and she has not returned to work, relying upon her husband, Jay Bowmer, to perform even some of the most menial tasks.

Burch and other witnesses rush to help the woman inside.

The driver was rushed to hospital but is expected to be okay, while Burch walked away totally unharmed.

Bowmer is back to walking, but she can not stand for long periods of time - leaving her husband Joe to pick up duties around the house in Cedar Park, an Austin suburb.

Bowmer, who could not be reached by The Post, is looking to take legal action, though no suit has been filed yet, the paper said. "They were just fantastic".

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