School buses are on the road again

School Bus Driver Evacuates Students to Safety After Bus Fire

Bus Drivers Prepare for Back to School

Classes are starting in school districts around the state, and police are urging drivers to stay alert for buses that are loading or unloading children. School bus drivers carry a load of responsibility every day and in order to be able to do it, they have to be qualified. "You were on a road by yourself at one point in time, and now we're crossing paths with other buses".

To contact the Indiana State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division with questions about stop arm violations you may click on the link then click on email ISP. Thousands of youngsters across the region will be up bright and early each morning waiting to catch their school bus.

Every year in the US kids are injured and killed walking to and from the school bus where they're most vulnerable to distracted drivers. He says drivers might forget what to do around schools and buses. That's the positive thing.

Washington Community Schools Transportation Director Gary Puckett said some of the most spots where drivers run the stop arms include Business 50 East, near Theroff's Motel and Hardee's.

Davenport says the district needs full time, part time, and substitute drivers.

For more information, visit Sacramento County Department of Transportation website.

Motorists driving on a highway divided by a barrier or unimproved median (i.e. a concrete or cable barrier or a grass median) are required to stop only if they are traveling the same direction as the school bus. Once the school bus stops and the RED flashing lights are activated and the stop arm is extended, motorists are required to stop and not pass the school bus.

Puckett said another common stop where motorists drive by the stop arm is along Business 50 West from Southwest 11th Street to the intersection of Maysville Road.

Answer: State law requires all vehicles to stop for school buses when the bus driver activates the flashing lights and has the crossing arm fully extended. Can you talk about the fine amount and school bus safety? A year ago in Kentucky, three people died in bus accidents.

More than 5,800 school bus drivers participated in this year's survey, which was conducted April 25.

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