New York City Police Officer Shot in Brooklyn

Police say they have linked this man to at least five robberies of women in Brooklyn in July

Police say they have linked this man to at least five robberies of women in Brooklyn in July

Police in New York City are searching for a man who they say robbed a towing company last week.

Members of the NYPD and FDNY swarmed Chestnut Avenue, near Ridgewood Avenue, in Cypress Hills just before 4:55 p.m. after reports of shots fired, the spokeswoman said.

The woman said her son might flee out the back of the home, so one police officer went to the back of the building, while Nguyen and EMS personnel entered a rear bedroom room. Police said it appeared to a rifle of some sort had been used to shoot the officer.

"He was really in good spirits, smiling, kidding around, laughing last night", said the source who visited 30-year-old Officer Hart Nguyen at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

When police stormed the apartment, they found him dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been briefed on the shooting, according to a tweet from his office.

The New York Daily News and other local media identified the man as Andy Sookdeo. His attacker killed himself after an armed standoff in Brooklyn, police said.

Nguyen of the 75th Precinct has been on the force for just over two years.

In addition to the weapons, the shooter had a good amount of pills and had recently gotten a new BMW, which has raised questions about how he funded the vehicle and what he was doing with the medication, police said.

"He had a great attitude. Thank God our officer is going to come through okay in this case", Mayor Bil lde Blasio told reporters Thursday.

The suspect involved in the shooting is believed to have barricaded themselves inside after shooting the female police officer four times in the chest and once in the arm, according to PIX 11. He's a courageous young man.

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