Microsoft's entire Surface line pulled from Consumer Reports' recommendations

Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends Surface Hardware

Don't buy these 4 Windows laptops if you care about reliability, says Consumer Reports

First, Consumer Reports is pulling the "Recommended" status on four systems: The Surface Laptop (128GB and 256GB) and the Surface Book (128GB and 512GB) are no longer preferred options.

The nonprofit consumer advocacy group surveyed 90,000 laptop and tablet owners and found that around 25 percent of Microsoft Surface device owners would be face with "problems by the end of the second year of ownership".

Problems included device freezing, unauthorized shut downs, and touchscreen failures. However, Consumer Reports says it also applies to the Surface Pro released earlier in the year.

In a fairly short but to-the-point tweet on Thursday morning, Reuters revealed that Microsoft Surface devices have underwhelmed in Consumer Reports' reliability tests.

Hold off on buying a Microsoft Surface tablet or laptop.

Every year Consumer Reports survey's its readership with respects to the products they use.

"Microsoft Surface Pro is designed and built with performance and reliability in mind". The power and form factor of Microsofts Surface line are almost unparalleled but if they can't consistently pump out devices that don't experience immediate defects past the normal wear and tear, I don't think their will be many people that remain loyal to the brand. Arguably it's a slippery slope, since more often than not a consumer will own voice themselves if they found a product to be faulty, defective or of poor quality. Instead, Microsoft forced Surface Pro 3 owners to pony up $450 for a refurbed unit. Consumer Reports (CR) has traditionally been part of that fan club, giving various devices a place on its recommendations list.

To get at reliability, the Consumer Reports National Research Center surveys our subscribers regularly.

It is not unlikely that an average user might run into one of these flaws with their Surface device at least once. Frozen computers, unexpected shutdowns and unresponsive screens were noted as complaints. As such, this is the first year that Consumer Reports has had enough data to estimate predicted reliability for its laptops. While the Surface series hasn't been as strong of a performer for Microsoft lately as it has in the past, the series has still been a major player in defining the hybrid tablet PC market among consumers.

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