Solar eclipse 2017: everything you need to know about the celestial phenomenon

Lunar eclipse on August 7

Where to buy your eclipse glasses before the total solar eclipse on August 21

Dr. John Heltsley, optometrist with Heltsley Eye Care, said in a news release that solar retinopathy could occur without any sensation of pain because the retina doesn't have pain receptors, and the injury could be temporary or permanent. People are flocking to cities along the eclipse's path, where they'll be able to see the Moon completely cover up the disc of the Sun.

The Aug. 21 event has been billed as "The Great American Eclipse" because it will cross the country coast-to-coast from OR to SC, the best eclipse for Americans in 99 years.

This would be an appropriate moment for an Irish benediction about the road rising up to meet you and having the wind at your back, but like other Irishmen around town, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the fest finds a way to go on.

The path of totality spans the USA, starting in OR and moving eastward to SC in the course of about 90 minutes.

If viewing through a telescope, you have to have the proper filter on it for safe viewing. "Even if you stack sunglasses on top of sunglasses, it won't do", he said, noting that looking directly at the sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of the solar eclipse, or totality, when the moon entirely blocks the sun's brightness.

"The sky may get a little amusing, but sorry, it doesn't get dark", Harris says. "It's a very attractive and interesting sight", Walter said. To observe that you will have to travel out of state - see the maps on

Northumberland Public Library today, August 10, will present a class on safely viewing the upcoming solar eclipse.

Kilhstrom said the spectacular event is worth seeing in person. People in McClellanville in Charleston County will see the total eclipse for two minutes and 43 seconds.

Experts warn that everyone viewing the eclipse should use protective eclipse glasses while looking at the sun, and make sure children are using them, too.

Projection, or indirect, viewing can be done in a number of ways, including taking an index card and punching a fine needle point into it. But also let them know that with these special glasses, we CAN look at the sun so we can see this awesome event. You're not seeing the direct sun. During the eclipse, trees will create myriad, shimmering images of the sun in eclipse.

"The little gaps between your hands will project down onto the ground, onto the side of a buidling or a sheet of paper".

But hundreds of plants totaling about 4 GW capacity will be at least 90% obscured, EIA said.

"Those shouldn't be used unless they have filters at the front end, where the light's coming in".

The planetarium will have 50 eclipse-viewing glasses to give away, a maximum of three pairs per family. The fovea is the part of your eye that is the most responsible for 20/20 vision. "There are a zillion companies putting out the same product and they all have different names".

Hawaii experienced a total solar eclipse in 1991. "It just means that we have no knowledge of them or that we haven't convinced ourselves they're safe".

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