Spotify officially lands on the Xbox One today

Spotify for Xbox is Live

Project Cars 2 Will Look Noticeably Better On Xbox One X, Says Game Director

To celebrate Spotify coming to Xbox One Major Nelson himself has curated a playlist - mostly containing tracks from games such as Minecraft, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Portal, Mass Effect, and Skyrim among others. This new update however, may address this thanks to a new system dubbed Microsoft Fluent Design which puts control of the interface in the hands of the users.

Microsoft is playing catch up in regards to Spotify as the app has been available on PlayStation since 2015 as a console exclusive.

In an interview with TrustedReviews, Project Cars 2 director Stephen Viljoen, described the Xbox One X as a "great piece of hardware". Players will have the ability to customise this Dashboard with their favourite items from Apps to Games to Hubs. "Sign-in, Achievements, multiplayer (including parties, Looking for Group, and tournaments), people, Home and recent, messages, broadcasts and captures, and a new action center (including settings) also each have their own tab in the new guide".

Creating your personalized gaming soundtrack has never been easier.

The update is available now to Xbox Insiders and to other users later this year. You can pin games and friends to home, and you can move the whole block of content up or down. A new activity feed layout has also been added to the community section, which will offer more content to view.

Have you been waiting for Spotify to hit your Xbox One?

Spotify is finally gracing the Xbox One, with both free and Premium subscribers able to tune in from today.

One of the cool features of Spotify on Xbox One will be that you can control what music is being played through your phone, laptop or tablet with Spotify Connect.

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