Sea creatures feast on teenager's feet — GRAPHIC WARNING

Sam Kanizay's wounds were still seeping blood on Sunday 18 hours after he emerged from the water

SCOTT MCNAUGHTON FAIRFAX MEDIA Sam Kanizay's wounds were still seeping blood on Sunday 18 hours after he emerged from the water

"He went back to his shoes and what he found was blood on his legs", Kanizay told reporters.

Dr. Walker-Smith confirmed that these creatures can feast on human flesh, but it is incredibly rare to receive injuries on the scale that Kanizay did, according to The Age.

Sam Kanizay, 16, was bitten by some sort of critter at a Melbourne beach while soaking his legs after sport. He stood in the water for thirty minutes and felt nothing.

Sam's legs wouldn't stop bleeding.

Sam Kanizay's feet after he emerged from the water at Brighton Beach.

Kanizay walked home, leaving a bloody trail.

His legs continue to bleed.

Sam is likely to be released from the hospital on Monday noon.

Described as "pin-sized holes", the bleeding continued well into the next afternoon.

Duckett, who's been swimming at Brighton since 2001, admitted "the amount of blood shown" in the photos of Sam was freakish and what had caused it was a mystery.

Creature from the deep?

"As soon as we wiped them down, they kept bleeding", Mr Kanizay said. Pictured at Sandringham Hospital.

These creatures were taken to the hospital for carrying out tests on them to detect the meat eating species. But the incident left medical professionals initially confused and media reports garbled.

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke to a marine biologist, Professor Michael Keough, who also said that sea lice were a possibility.

Some have suggested sea lice were to blame for the horrific attack.

At first they hang onto fish with hooked antennas but after they grow they start using suction, and at this larger phase of development can be deadly to the fish. But they'd just take a bite of something big if they came past it. "And if he's standing in the water and he's cold and may not notice a whole lot of little bites".

Paul Duckett, a regular swimmer at the beach, said he has swum there for sixteen years and never confronted any flesh-eating bugs.

"They are naturally occurring in the environment", she said.

Sam Kanizay was still in shock on Sunday but it hadn't put him off swimming in the bay. The teen ran inside and told his dad what had happened. I didn't really know what to think of it. His son is now recovering at Dandenong Hospital, he added.

Doctors could not explain what had caused the teen's gruesome injuries which left his feet looking like they had been through a "mincer", so his father Jarrod chose to investigate. "They pretty much had ten different hypotheses but nothing yet", the teenager said.

Jarrod said he and his friends often soak their legs after a run, "and I haven't seen this happen before".

He went back to the beach, this time armed with a pool net, wetsuit and pieces of steak, and ended up catching a swarm of seemingly carnivorous sea-lice.

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