Key things to know — Venezuela's military

Leopoldo Lopez and his wife Lilian Tintori talking in their house in Caracas Venezuela

Leopoldo Lopez and his wife Lilian Tintori talking in their house in Caracas Venezuela

Officials said the rebels, whom they described as "terrorists", were trying to steal weapons and that seven people were detained after the attack on the base.

The president said troops battled with the intruders until about 8 a.m.

Speaking on television, Maduro said that of the 10 men who didn't get away, just one was a military officer and he had deserted a few months ago. "If they're doing this to the chief prosecutor, imagine the helpless state all Venezuelans live in".

Ortega's dismissal triggered an global outcry, and she has refused to recognize it. The poll was heavily criticised by many countries that have also been condemning Maduro's regime.

The troubled South American nation has been engulfed by protests since April.

It took less than 24 hours from the assembly's inauguration for her offices to be cordoned off.

But the opposition, which boycotted last Sunday's vote, views it as a way for Maduro to hold onto power.

One person has died and one person has been badly injured.

"This action was carried out by a group of civilian criminals wearing military uniform and by a defect leutenant", Lopez said in the statement.

After Sunday's attack in Valencia, Padrino tweeted that the assailants "couldn't do anything against" the army. "Not only do they stop people arbitrarily, but they are judged by the military justice system, and now they do not let the attorney general in his office". In 2014, while a member of the national guard, Caguaripano denounced President Nicolas Maduro before going into exile.

That statement said the officer had deserted three years ago and taken refuge in Miami, in the U.S. state of Florida.

The activist's wife Lilian Tintori said in a message on Twitter that she and her husband remained committed to achieving "peace and freedom for Venezuela".

Jesus Suarez Chourio says troops responded "with one fist" and "the riffraff was defeated once again".

Venezuela has been embroiled in four months of political upheaval.

The reported unrest occurred as a new assembly with supreme powers and loyal to Maduro started functioning in Venezuela, a week after it was elected in polls marred by violence and allegations of vote-tampering.

He later reportedly sought exile after a military tribunal ordered his arrest, appearing in an interview on CNN en Espanol to draw attention to dissatisfaction within the ranks over Venezuela's demise.

The person says bursts of gunfire could be heard coming from the base in the central city of Valencia starting around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Other videos circulating on social media showed a police convoy speeding down a road amid the sound of apparent gunfire.

The eyewitness spoke to The Associated Press by phone from Valencia and insisted on not being named for fear of possible reprisals.

Mr Cabello, a former military man and Vice President under the late President Hugo Chavez, called the attackers "mercenary terrorists".

Authorities launched tear gas at dozens of protesters outside the base.

Socialist Party deputy Diosdado Cabello announced the uprising had been put down shortly after a video was released that showed a group of military men announcing the rebellion.

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