Trump White House Looks To Quash 'Deluge' Of Leakers

WASHINGTON DC- AUGUST 02 Assistant to the President and Donlad Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway arrive for a listening session with military spouses in the Roosevelt Room at the White House August 2


Trump has already spent quite a bit of time away from the White House in his first six months in office, compared to previous presidents. Finally, Congress can force Trump to make a choice, or looked upon differently, give him an out to leave the presidency. And like his Florida club, Trump has his own private villa on the grounds that also houses tennis and basketball courts, a pool, gym, two large hot tubs and a helipad. But what is the threat of prosecution against the imperative of a president who explicitly sets his political appointees against each other and appears to enjoy watching them use leaks and the media like ancient gladiators used the rope and trident?

Panetta said he created a process by which the president would tell him about his conversations, and he would ask every person briefing the president to outline the options - and that he installed a more chain-of-command system where people knew who they were reporting to and what their responsibilities were. How do you conduct diplomatic business which should be the top priority of the president?

And it reminds us how much more comfortable Trump is speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin than to American allies. He is such an illegitimate, such a bad president that all the rules can be broken and this criminal activity, this criminal leaking is - "sure, why not, it is actually patriotic to do that". This is brand building, this is his wheelhouse, making deals on the phone.

"Okay, Enrique, that is fine and I think it is fair". Remember when President Obama was the most imminent threat to press freedom thanks to his administration's aggressive prosecution of leakers and the reporters who covered them?

In the United States system, a grand jury can compel testimony and the production of documents.

Meanwhile, we hear today that Mr. (Robert) Mueller has impaneled a Grand Jury, even though we haven't heard any evidence there has even been a crime committed. The bigger news is that we know about this at all, and how we know it.

At this point, it is reassuring to know that a Bible study has been started in the White House. But foreign governments already knew this reality well-the just transcripts provided a confirmation, a chance to laugh at what is a daily reality for key USA partners.

Sadly, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the frightful mistake of recusing himself, which set in motion the process that created the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who is trying to find a crime to tie to President Trump.

I've never seen anythink like this. Is it going to be tough to track down - you bet it is. You can really just understand how people connect, when they do and what kinds of information they're getting. Both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law, have agreed to the new order, people close to them say.

Trump's time in the Garden State has increased after Mar-a-Lago went quiet for the summer months. After just seven months in the position, Trump has made a decision to take a vacation, which didn't go over well on social media.

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