British model 'kidnapped and drugged' before being AUCTIONED online

British model 'kidnapped and drugged' before being AUCTIONED online

UK model kidnapped and held captive in Italy for six days

A British model was kidnapped and held captive in Italy for six days, police have said, by a man who reportedly meant to auction her on the dark web.

Police are now working to identify Herba's accomplices and established what happened to the woman while she was help captive.

The kidnapper was captured by police while he was accompanying the model to the British Consulate in Milan.

According to Italian authorities, after possibly not getting any offers online, the kidnapper then began blackmailing the model's agency, asking for $300,000 in ransom for her return. He was jailed for investigation of suspected kidnapping for extortion purposes.

Police said the woman was drugged, handcuffed and put into a bag and then into the boot of a vehicle.

The model arrived in Milan on July 10th and already had a photo shoot booked through her agent for the following day, according to the police account.

A statement from Milan police headquarters detailed the woman's ordeal.

While it is unclear why the kidnapping came to an end, it is the reported the 20-year-old was released because she had a two-year-old child and the gang's "rules" prevent them from kidnapping and trafficking mothers.

In a letter sent to the victim upon her release, Black Death told her that a "mistake" had been made in capturing her. In the house, "the model was kept handcuffed to a wooden dresser in a bedroom" until she was released on July 17, the police said.

The agent then contacted police and Herba reportedly negotiated a £50,000 ransom with them which he expected to receive at the Consulate.

The unidentified 20-year-old was injected in the arm with the tranquiliser ketamine after going to what was a fake photo shoot at a venue near Milan's central station on July 11.

The Foreign Office confirmed it was providing assistance to the woman in Italy and is also cooperating with local authorities.

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