Google is Cracking Down on Poor Android Apps, Finally!

Bad Android Apps Officially Getting Downgraded in Google Play Store

Google Play Store will now rank apps according to performances

Google says they recently enhanced both their search and discovery algorithms to better reflect application and game quality. The app ratings in Google Play determine the quality of the apps where one star means a room for critical improvement for the apps.

According to the latest announcement by Google, the company is targeting applications that cause slow render times, excessive battery usage, and crashes, explaining that users should avoid them as these can become "a source of frustration" for them.

Developers scared that their apps may fall from a high ranking due to poor quality have a lot to fear from this update, but there is hope: If an app is popular despite flaws, it will likely be even more popular with a better user experience.

Earlier this month, Google announced a new security feature called Google Play Protect which aims to keep Android apps safe from malware and other security threats.

We do not know yet though, whether the bad Android app developers will know they have been downgraded because the app was labeled "bad" or not.

"By focussing on the quality and performance of your app, you'll find more success on Google Play". It offers the example of Basuu which managed to increase its rating from 4.1 to 4.5 star exclusively by focusing on app performance.

Google Play Store has made it easier for users to spot the "lower quality" apps on its platform from the genuinely useful.

The updated algorithm will continue to be rolled out to the users over the next few days across the world, said the company. To counter this, Google, using its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is looking to persuade developers to enable apps with seamless functioning.

With this update, Google had found that people who established higher quality apps would then go on to work those apps more and uninstall them less. Among these tools is Android vitals which shows performance issues found on devices that have already installed the application.

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