Late Night Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye to Anthony Scaramucci

Filed for divorce Deidre Scaramucci at her Long Island home over the weekend

Anthiony Scaramucci’s 4-day wait to visit new son by Joel Taylor Published

On the day his son was born, Mr. Scaramucci, 53, traveled aboard Air Force One with Mr. Trump, and then watched as the president delivered a politically charged speech to thousands of Boy Scouts in West Virginia.

You'd think social conservatives, a group that cares so deeply about positive role models for kids (and routinely protests the presence of LGBTQ characters and abortion plot lines on TV) might take issue with a commander-in-chief who is an alleged groper and a White House communications director who unloaded expletives about his colleagues on the telephone.

Many newspapers and TV journalists struggled with ways to describe the shocking language Scaramucci used, but Oliver flaunted one thing he has that cable news doesn't: The ability to swear. Scaramucci, a successful financier, was already far wealthier than most of us could ever dream. Meyers, taking note that Scaramucci's last name has as many letters as the number of days he spent in his job, offered some possible replacements for a communications director.

Before his show Monday night, Colbert tweeted: "Scaramucci, We hardly knewcci". Responding to the White House statement saying the president thought Scaramucci's comments to New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza were inappropriate, Kimmel thought that explanation made sense.

Meyers called out Scaramucci - "114 pounds of Alfredo sauce, hair gel and rage" - for trashing Priebus (in the viral New Yorker phone call). He has posted photographs and tweets, with thumbs-ups and hugs, from aboard Air Force One or while attending a Trump rally in Ohio.

When Anthony Scaramucci attempted to make the leap from being part-owner of SkyBridge Capital to securing a permanent seat on Air Force One, he was faced with a tough choice - grab maximum political power or generate maximum Wall Street wealth.

It was John Kelly, sworn in as White House Chief of Staff on Monday, who reportedly asked Trump to remove Scaramucci under a desire to have "more structure, less of Game of Thrones".

"His going away party can serve what's left of his welcome cake", he added.

Noah also likened Scaramucci's record-short time in office to that of a bad summer song. Scaramucci is intact financially and his profile has been raised immeasurably. Noah said. "I haven't even finished my Scaramucci tattoo!" It was the second marriage for both.

"He just got here!" But Bloomberg found unanimity among business appraisers that the EBITDA multiple may be double what a comparable fund of funds manager fetches - especially because it has been losing assets.

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