SNES Pre-Orders Go Live in Late August, Good Luck Getting One!

NES Classic bundle on Think Geek					 ThinkGeek

NES Classic bundle on Think Geek ThinkGeek

Nintendo answered most of these questions in a post on their corporate Facebook page today, laying out the loose groundwork for pre-order availability of the SNES Classic.

Nintendo has long recreated and repackaged old products to appeal to its customers' nostalgia.

Let's hope there will be more stock than what was made available for the NES Classic.

At this point, consumers are becoming conditioned to just buy first and ask questions later when it comes to Nintendo hardware, so we'll see how that works out.

Walmart's online store listed preorders for the system on the evening of July 21, but these orders ended up being cancelled due to what the mega-retailer called a "site glitch".

The SNES Classic Edition, in case you've been living in a cave for the past month or so, is a tiny version of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with controllers that match the original. On top of that, a "significant amount of additional systems" will be made available at retailers on launch day and will continue to be supplied throughout the year.

Pre-ordering is obviously a good idea if you have your heart set on getting one, but Nintendo said there should be a lot to go around when the system launches this fall.

That should help soothe fears that the SNES Classic will be impossible to find this holiday. Nintendo also re-confirmed that it will be shipping a significant number of additional systems to retailers throughout the year.

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