Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.13 Adds Magitek Exosuits, Quests, And More

Final Fantasy XV version 1.13 update now available

Final Fantasy XV Update Patch 1.13 Is Out Now To Download

This includes the new Magitek Armour, which was delayed due to concerns on how similar it looked to the Power Rangers movie suits.

A new quest has been added as part of the update, too.

The update was accompanied by a group of new screenshots of the game. Once invincibility has worn off, players can continue to wear the exosuits in-game. Notably, it sees the introduction of the Magitek Excosuit, as well as the permanent addition of the "Moogle Chocobo Carnival" timed event.

The new quest, "O Partner, My Partner", comes without any specific details as to what the quest entails but we do know that players can accept it from the Meldacio Hunter HQ after completing Chapter Eight.

A new ally cooperation system called "Rush Link" has been added.

The July update for Final Fantasy 15 is now available, giving players of Square Enix's role-playing game the ability to wear Magitek Exosuits that grant Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis temporary invincibility.

Popping these bad boys on gives you a half hour of invincibility, and they can be used once a day.

This latest update will be followed on Thursday, August 3, by the closed online test for the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer expansion: Comrades.

It will run until Tuesday, August 8, with only those with a Season Pass eligible to join.

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