Lawsuit Filed Over Pokemon Go Fest Bogged Down by Issues

Pokémon Go’ Fest Rewards Free Lugia and PokéCoins finally start rolling out for event attendees

'Pokemon Go Fest' offers refunds after being plagued by connectivity issues, long lines

Californian Jonathan Norton who, after traveling to Chicago and participating in the disastrous Pokemon event, chose to file a lawsuit against Niantic seeking reimbursement of the costs of his displacement.

Last weekend, Niantic Labs held a massive event in Chicago to celebrate its first year anniversary of Pokemon Go; however, the event was pretty disastrous. Then server problems and overloaded cell towers kept players from logging on.

It's easy to sympathize with those people who are disappointed by the Go Fest, particularly those who traveled a great distance only to discover the event couldn't provide the anticipated experience.

Defense Attorney Thomas Zimmerman was contacted by Jonathan Norton. Zimmerman mentioned that this was against what Niantic advertised.

The suit seeks unspecified damages to be determined at a trial. These events, which were to take place at select shopping malls in Germany, France, and other European countries, were supposed to feature special Raid Battles and regional-exclusive Pokemon like Kangaskhan and Tauros that don't usually spawn in Europe.

Niantic did not hesitate much to uncover its goodwill and understanding the gravity of the situation, offered refunds of entry tickets, each valued at $100. At the time, Niantic tried to make things right by offering full refunds, in-game credit and a legendary Pokemon. Many people had traveled from other states just to attend the event.

But even with the apologies, a handful of people (said to be "20 or 30") are joining together to sue Niantic by way of a class action lawsuit.

The suit was filed by a person from California who traveled to Chicago for the event, and forced to stand in line for "several hours like most everybody else in order to get in", and once inside, experienced connection issues, latency, and game crashes making the game unplayable.

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