Illness sidelines WIlliams F1 driver Felipe Massa for Hungarian Grand Prix

Felipe Massa was taken to the hospital after Friday practice because he felt “unwell and dizzy”

Felipe Massa was taken to the hospital after Friday practice because he felt “unwell and dizzy”

Brazilian Felipe Massa was cleared to take part in final Hungarian Grand Prix practice on Saturday after a health scare triggered fears the Williams driver would be unable to race.

The team's Reserve Driver Paul di Resta was confirmed as Felipe's replacement for the remainder of the race weekend.

Massa is hoping to be fit enough to race in the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August, although he does have the benefit of the summer break to recover.

If the Brazilian can not take part in qualifying, he will be replaced by reserve driver Paul Di Resta.

It was a Herculean task for the Scot because he had not raced in Formula One for 1,343 days or ever driven the new breed of cars. They cleared him this morning in order to take part in FP3 but as you saw he withdrew early from that session, still feeling unwell and dizzy.

"I think if we had to have anyone in our auto, you're going to have total confidence with someone like Paul".

Di Resta, though, then said he quickly accustomed with the auto, despite never driving the vastly quicker 2017 vehicle before. "He's suffering from some vertigo following a problem with something in his ears so I'm not exactly sure of the medical terminology of it, but obviously he needs to go for some further investigations, which he will do after this grand prix".

"Diving straight in, I am not going to lie I was scared, nervous, anxious...", he told Sky F1, with whom he would have been commentating for had he not been in the auto.

'I was scared, nervous, anxious, ' said Di Resta, who competes in the DTM series. Felipe, as you all know, fell unwell at the end of FP2 yesterday.

"You imagine, you're so in tune to doing a race weekend, then at the very last minute to not be able to do it, he's genuinely upset".

"These cars are top of their game and it is like being back at home driving the best balanced auto you have ever driven".

"I think Felipe Massa is more upset than anything else", said Williams.

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